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So if you are into mundane reef diving then these trips are probably not for you! We know that 7/10th's of the worlds surface is covered in water - the main preference is spending more time under the water than on top of it! Here at Pete Mesley's Aquatic Adventures we focus on getting you to some pretty special destinations that will simply blow your mind.

Unfortunately most of these unique dive sites are almost always impossible to get to without a huge amount of logistics, hassle and heartache! This is why we are here! To take all the hassle out of your specialist destination dive holiday! Let us take you to be in "Shock and Awe" of the wonderful natural sights of the ocean.

Experience, massive schools of pelagic fish, sharks, mantas, whale sharks, coral spawning and unique aquatic behaviour.


Adventure Trips


We specialise in catering for experienced divers taking them to some remarkable destinations. So If you want more out of your diving, and don't want to be "led by the nose" then you will love our trips. ...Find out More

Dive Courses


If you are wanting to expand your diver training to get more out of your diving excursions then get trained by one of the South Pacifics most experienced Tech Instructors - Pete Mesley. ...Find out More