Kermadec Islands Dive Trips

Some of the most isolated diving you will ever do!

This is the first 100% DIVE DEDICATED charter that I have done for the Kermadecs. Because of its remoteness ( 1085km North of NZ) the need for a hardy vessel (and experienced skippers) is essential.

Please read the Risks/Diving Isolated areas. It is imperritive that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. We will be steaming for 2.5 days to get to Raoul and the same on the way back. Once you are on the boat, you are on it for 2 weeks!

The Flightless is a 98 ton, 26m long 6m beam ex navy vessel. So its built for challenging diving environments! Its large enough to comfortably live in the open ocean, but small enough to dive off directly. This has huge advantages.

for dive and we will be planning as much diving as we can over the course of the trip ( obviously weather pending). If you have a hunger for adventure and the need to explore places that are rarely dived then the Kermadecs are the place for you.

PLEASE call me on 027 2782250 so I can talk to you about the trip in more detail. If you want to know logistical details, costs etc etc then click the link above. These islands will blow your mind.

Risk in Diving Isolated Areas

I dont want to scare you off, but with trips like this it is really important to really understand the magnitude of such a trip. This is not for everyone and with the sheer isolation of where we are, you really need to make an informed decision on whether you want to come or not.

The biggest thing is to understand that we will be onboard a 26m vessel for 12 days out at sea. 2.5 days away from the nearest help which is NZ! For life threatening injuries the government will send two helicopters to come and pick you up! So we dont want to use this unless we absolutly have to.


I will be taking a Physician onboard with us and a fully kitted emergency medical kit. It is for your personall safety and well being.

Insurance is mandatory incase you need immediate evacuation.

We have emergency procedures in place to speed up this process but it still takes time due to the remoteness of the Kermadecsl.

While we have a Physician on board and a comprehensive emergency medic kit, there is still a lot of risk associated with diving in this remote location.

You will need to get a divers medical from your Physician before you come. Stating that you are fit to dive and are in good physical health.

We will have a sat phone for you to call home on ($2 per min)

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