Great Lakes

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The wrecks of The Great Lakes in the US is one of the worlds best kept secrets. With over 6000 registered wrecks within the 5 main lakes, this destination demands multiple trips.
We have chosen to kick off our Lust4Rust “We got WOOD” Great Lakes Dive Destinations focusing on Presque Isle and Thunder Bay. This place is synonymous to the rest of the Great Lakes wrecks. The commercial shipping industry spanning the last two hundred years is well represented by the types of ship wrecks in these waters. The collection reflects transitions in ship architecture and construction, from wooden schooners to early steel-hulled steamers.

All immaculately preserved, these wooden wrecks, most sitting bolt upright on the bottom of the lake will blow your mind. We look forward to taking you to more of these amazing sites strewn round the lakes in the future.

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