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Great Lakes - Presque Isle Chapter

Our first Lust4Rust "We Got Wood" Great Lakes destination is Diving out of Presque Isle on Lake Huron. This destination has been carefully chosen to showcase some of the best wooden sailing boats in the Great Lakes at intermediate depths (round the 45-55m range) Of course there are thousands of shallower (and deeper) wrecks but these wrecks are the most intact and prestine wrecks in this area. We will also be doing our first few days diving some of the shallower wrecks as a build up

What training and experience do I need?

The majority of the wrecks are in the 50-60m range. Because of the more adverse conditions entry level trimix (normoxic) would be a pre requisite for this sort of diving for both open circuit and Closed Circuit diving. If you have any questions about this please contact us.

Skill assessment and check out dive

Diving the Great Lakes really does demand more in a diver. The largest consideration is appropriatly dressing for the cold water and being comfortable in the use of this additional gear. Drysuits, thick undergarments, dry gloves and thick hoods is just handling cold water. Normal water temeratures on the bottom  deeper than 15m drops to 3 degrees Centegrade.

Preparing Yourself For Diving The Great Lakes

One of the biggest things to be aware of when diving the Great Lakes is the water temperature and adequately preparing yourself
Water temperature on the bottom is 3ºC rising to 10ºC at 10 meters then up to 16ºC at 6m. What you wear for exposure protection will be the difference between a fantastic trip or  an average experience. Also getting some time in the water beforehand getting used to all this new gear is essential to your enjoyment.

Drysuits and Undergarments

Drysuits are mandatory for such a trip. There is no way you will be able to function in a wetsuit. What you wear underneath your suit is also critical. An example of what people are wearing is a Fourth Element Xerotherm top and bottoms as a base layer with Fourth Element Halo3D. Thick arctic socks. Having a heated vest will have advantage but not essential. 7mm FE hood. And Kubi drygloves with double Marino lined gloves. This configuration I found worked the best for me. You will definitely need to wear dry gloves. Your hands will simply not be able to sustain this temperature.

With all this said, the experience of diving these stunning, pristine 150 year old wooden wrecks will take your breathe away!

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