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Solomon Islands

Diving the Wrecks of The Solomon Islands is a special treat indeed. 

What training and experience do I need?

The majority of the wrecks are in the 50-80m range. Because of the more advanced depths Normoxic Trimix (both O/C and CCR) is an absolute must with Hypoxic Trimix a real bonus. If youa are on O/C please let us know as soon as possible. It takes months and months to ship any gas into the Solomon Islands and the costs of helium is very high. Most divers these days have chosen the rebreather as the tool of choice to execute these dives due to the lack of resourses (helium) If you have any questions about this please contact us.

Diving the Solomon Islands really does demand more in a diver. The largest consideration is the deep water and frequent strong currents, so it is strongly advised to be comfortable in such conditions. If you have any question as to whether you will be happy in these environments please contact me and I can call you and talk specifically what to expect.

Preparing Yourself For Diving The Solomon Islands

The most important thing is to be completely comfortable with diving to depths of 50-75m. If you have not done this sort of diving in a while, it is strongly recommended that you suitably prepare by getting dive fit before the trip goes. If you are not prepared adequatly, this will really put a lot of pressure not only on you but also on us. We withhold the right to prevent people from diving operations if we feel that they are prepared and safe in the water. Its really important for your enjoyment and safety to make sure that you are dive fit!

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