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South China Sea Trips

All trips will leave from Singapore.

What we can do is advise you (once you let us know where you are flying form) the best route and send you a sample flight itinerary so you can book it with ease either online or with your local travel agent.

The vessel we will be using – MV Ark has a proven track record in providing a quality diving platform.

We normally load up the boat and head out of port the late afternoon of the first day of the trip. This will mean that we are steaming overnight. The approximate distance to the wreck sites is about 160nm. What we have done to break up the trip and also to have a gear check and check out dive is stop along the way to dive a shallower wreck to get into the water and check gear out and be happy in the water before

Once we load up the boat, all hands on board, safety briefings, procedures and protocol are completed we will start steaming out of Singapore. During the course of the trip over to Repulse we will stop off for a check out dive on a shallower wreck. This will break up the trip nicely offering some water time inbetween steaming time.

What training and experience do I need?

The Repulse sits in 54m (177 foot) and the Prince of Wales in 71m (232 foot) so the minimum level of training you will need is full trimix or CCR and Int Trimix for O/C. What you must also understand is that these trips are very demanding dives. Normally expecting high currents and adverse conditions. You will really struggle if you are not experienced in this sort of diving. All deco has to be done on the deco station as drift decompression is not an option. You will end up 5-7 miles away from the boat if you do.

If you have any doubt as to whether you can manage such a trip please contact Pete. We will try our hardest to be as detailed as possible. It will avoid frustration if you come on the trip and cant get into the water because the conditions dont match your experience. You will need to be able to manage all your equipment to be able to enter the water with all attached. This can be done by sitting on the duckboard while crew assist to clip all your gear onto you. Then if there is current present, have to pull yourself along the current line taking you to the descent line. Once you are on the descent line, pull yourself down the line to the wreck. Once on the wreck, you will be shielded from the currents. Coming back to the line, ascend and complete all deco either on the line or on the deco station. Jon lines are strongly recommended.

How do I get to Singapore?

Singapore is one of the worlds centre points of Asia so I am sure most airlines service this area.

When do I need to be in Singapore?

The trip dates shown are the dates you need to be in Singapore. It is highly recommended that you arrive the day before we set sail for the Repulse. If this is not possible please try and arrive at least 2-4 hours before 4pm on the leaving day. When planning your flights home then plan to leave the day after the trip end date. We will be back in port the evening of the last trip date. We will then need to have hotel accomodation for that last night. This will be planned by us. If you want accom the night before we leave then just let us know.

How do I secure my spot?

Because of the nature of liveaboards if one person cancells a trip then it puts immense pressure on us. With that said, we will need a $1000us deposit to secure your spot. You will be sent a booking form to be filled out which goes over booking and trip conditions.

Then the full amount of the monies is needed 6 months before the trip goes. Now if for some reason you cant make the trip, then contact us as soon as possible. Conditions apply.



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