Truk Lagoon

Dive Truk the way you want to!

Wanting to Dive Truk Lagoon is by far one of the biggest wishes of most divers globally - yet why do so few divers ever get to this world class wreck diving destination?

No longer do serious diving enthusiasts want to be "led by the nose" by dive guides who limit depth, dive times and penetration opportunities to the least experienced diver, thus minimizing most peoples diving satisfaction.

We have not only taken away a lot of the gear problems associated with technical diving in Truk Lagoon but also, with a little planning and organization, match up the right people on the right boats. That way if you want to do a 4 hour runtime - you can!

These trips to Truk Lagoon are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to experience Diving Truk Lagoon!

So whether you are a Tech Diver or "Serious Diving Enthusiast" - an experienced recreational diver who just wants to be left alone to do your thing without being "Led by the nose" by dive guides! we have something for everyone.


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