Truk Lagoon Wrecks

Diving the Wrecks!

Before you start your diving adventure in Truk, one thing you really have to come to terms with, is that it's NOT going to be your "once in a lifetime" trip to Truk. The sooner you embrace the fact that you will come back again (might take you a few more years to save up)  but you will enjoy youself much more and not try and see everything in one trip! Just enjoy the wrecks and try to learn about each one - or they will all blend into the "Morning Maru" and Afternoon Maru's"

Wrecks by Depth

These are the deepest wrecks in Truk and the least dived because of that. There are so many wrecks in the Lagoon most operators dont bother with these wrecks.  Another great reason why we charter the boats out from Blue Lagoon, is that we set out own itinerary and plan to dive these amazing wrecks.