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Oite Destroyer

Wreck Information

It is deep but worth every minute of deco! The wreck is broken in two main parts. The Stern section is bolt upright and the bow section is turned turtle. Both parts are very interesting. The ship was blown in half by a torpedo dropped by a plane while trying to leave the lagoon.In the bow section access to the quarters shows large amounts of human remains. Very humbling. In the stern section you can really start to see the sands of time getting to the wreck. Sections of the stern are breaking away. Soon the whole aft section will break off onto the floor.


Wreck Details

Depth of Ship

Top of ship: 58 m.
Bottom: 62 m.

Ships Stats

Tonnage: 1523 ton
Length: 100m
Width: 10m
Depth: 3.5m
Engine: 2 shaft parsons geared turbines 38 500 SHP
Speed: 37 knts
Launching: 1924
Builder: Sasebo

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