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Dive Galapagos

The Diving

On these unique 10 day excursions round the archipelago we have chosen to extend our trips from 7-10 days in order to get the most out of the Galapagos. Spending 5 days round World Renown Darwin and Wolf Islands is a privilege not many get to experience. Here we will be engulfed with some of the most prolific pelagic life on the planet.
Schooling Hammerheads ( and I am talking about literally thousands of these majestic animals in the water), Galapagos Shark, Jacks, Dolphins, Whales, Seals, Whale shark (the size of small buses) and turtles. The list goes on. You certainly be in SHOCK and AWE of this place.
One of the best things you will soon learn about the Galapagos is the extreme diversity of the place. Because of the rich, deep (cold) water currents hitting different parts of the islands, the ecosystems vary tremendously. There is a 10 degree water temperature change between Darwin Island and Isabela Island to the south. Sightings of giant Mola Mola (sunfish) coming into the shallows in the mornings to get cleaned. Marine Iguana’s feeding in 1-3 meters of water. You will also witness the worlds northern most penguin. Giant Manta Rays, Eagle Rays and Cowhead Rays quietly cruise above your head. (No wonder this place blew Darwin’s mind!)

This destination will fulfill every big animal dream you have. Not to mention seeing things endemic to this area- Like Red Lipped Batfish for example.

The Dive Vessel


MV Galapagos Sky is a 33m long, steel hull expedition vessel which accommodates 16 guests in 8 cabins. We have exclusive 100% CCR trips and also 50/50 CCR and OC trips. When this happens we stagger the groups so that divers will all not be in the same place at once. This enables the maximum enjoyment of silent diving with the Big Animals.


There are 4 Master Cabins and 4 Deluxe Cabins.
Every room as Robes, Ensuite bathrooms Eco-friendly toiletries and an Evening turndown service.
Food: Ecuadorian and International Cuisine. Breakfast buffet, eggs made to order, Lunch buffet, Dinner fine plated, Snacks after dives, Vegetarian preferences accommodated Gluten free preferences accommodated to best of ability.
Beer and wine provided with dinner. Sodas, coffee, tea available 24 hours. Morning beverage service available in cabin.






Dive Deck

With two distinctive groups of divers, CCR and Open Circuit we will be staggering the groups into the water to allow for less congested dive sites. On the 6-16 Sept 2020 this will be a CCR only trip and the 16-26 Sept 2020 will be a 50/50 CCR and O/C trip.

FREE Nitrox, Nautilus Lifeline provided for use during cruise. Surface markers provided for use during cruise. Hot showers,Hot towels,Hot chocolate. Camera table.
There is a Limited number of 100 cubic ft/ 15 litre aluminum tanks available for rent.

Dive Conditions

All dives are done off “pangas” which are 5m inflatable boats.
8 guests per panga with a dive guide. Divers gear up on the dive deck then board the pangas with assistance from the crew. Back roll negative entry. After dive, gear removed in water, handed to crew
and board panga with ladder.
Water temp is 24 degrees in the North (Darwin and Wolf) and drops to 14 degrees C in the south. So drysuits are strongly recommended Drysuits or 7mm wetsuits.

The diving conditions are also very challenging with strong currents, surge and waves which make entry and exiting off the tenders difficult at times. You must be comfortable in the water with a minimum of advanced Open Water cert with 50 dives (and Nitrox cert). All dives will be NDL dives and there is no need to go deeper than 30m (most of the action is in the 30m and shallower areas).

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Trip Name Date Availability Cost Enquire/Book
Galapagos 06 - 16 Sep 2020 CCR ONLY - 2 Spots available $8440.00usd Trip Enquiry
Galapagos 16 - 26 Sep 2020 CCR/OC - space avail for CCR and OC $8440.00usd Trip Enquiry
Galapagos 04 - 14 Sep 2021 CCR ONLY - Space $8440.00usd Trip Enquiry
Galapagos 15 - 25 Sep 2021 CCR/OC - Space $8440.00usd Trip Enquiry

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