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Advanced Wreck

Advanced Wreck Course

Go deeper inside a wreck!

SO...... you have done a bit of wreck diving in your time? Maybe entered the wreck and swam around the inside? But something has made you want to go further inside, venture round that corner, see what mysteries unfold!

Now you can venture further into overhead environments with the appropriate training and experience.

The TDI Advanced wreck penetration course is designed to advance a divers skills to be able to plan and execute full penetrations into wrecks beyond the natural light zone. The program will also go into gear needs, advanced dive planning, gas management, team management, researching wrecks and mapping them. Depths shall not exceed the level in which the diver is trained and competent

Course Structure and Duration

The program is performance based not time centred, normal durations of programs are done over 4 days. This may take longer if dives need to be repeated to complete performance requirements.

There are a minimum of Six penetration / overhead dives with an accumulated bottom time of no less than 100 min. But we will be doing a lot more than this to achieve comfort in demanding environments.

Theory/Practical Subject Areas

We will be going over Gear needs, Procedures, Hazards, Linework, Researching potential wreck sites, Emergency Planning, to name a few.


Rescue Diver ( this is a definite must) Self rescue and problem managment is a big one here.

Strongly recommended : Deco Procedures/Adv Eanx (to prepare you in gear config) dive planning, etc etc Again, you can do the program with a small stage tank as back up redundant air, but your experience will be very limited. Its best to start off with the right training and skills, that way you will get the most out of the training.

Dates & Costs

Dates are on a request basis so contact us so we can talk about what is going to suit you.

$1200,00nz (each with two on program) or

$2300.00nz (1on1)

Course Details

Enquire About Course
Type Advanced Wreck
Duration 5 Days
Dates On Request
Included Training sessions (4), Cert fees, and Manuals or Materials
Excluded Boat fees, Gas costs and consumables, accom, and Gear needs (you need to supply all gear youself) We hire kit if needed
Cost $2300.00 NZ

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