I know, I know…… We have all been waiting with baited breath on what is happening with the borders reopening again into Chuuk, Micronesia so we can come back and dive the amazing wrecks of Truk Lagoon. First and foremost is that we are totally focused on ensuring that the people of Chuuk state and the whole of Micronesia are safe and well. We have been keeping a close eye on the amazing progress taking place with getting all the people in FSM vaccinated. Until this happens the borders will remain closed. 

I also have it on good authority that when the borders to reopen, it will be on a limited scale. What is thought, is that they will reopen one province and then see what happens. If COVID is controlled and their processes that they have in place are working effectively, then after an amount of time (we don’t know how long that is) if everything is working fine, then, and only then will Chuuk reopen to the diving public. 

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