19-20 Feb 2022

Poor Knights Islands with Northland Dive (Global Dive trip)

We had another fantastic weekend on a Global Dive trip to the Knights with Northland Dive. Sam was skipper and we had a fantastic weekend. Darryl, Shane, Vicky and I did some deeper stuff and we ended up hitting Northern Arch on the first day. What a spectacular dive it was. We swam to the outside point of Northern Arch where it drops down to about 85 meters. Sticking to round 65m we had a lot of fun taking picks of these amazing barrel sponges. We then made our way back up and through the archway. To do all your deco in the arch is just so special. There weren’t as many stingrays as normal in the arch to greet us but there was still about 6-8 of them. Just cruising!

Sunday I spent a couple of dives with Mous doing his Helitrox program. We dived at Naia Rock, which again, is a very special dive. Everyone had a great weekend. Thanks to Sam for his skippering

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Some of the amazing Barrel Sponges and Sting Ray action of Northern Arch