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This is what people have to say about Lust4Rust and Shock&Awe Big Animal Diving Excursions


Paul V Toomer

RAID Director of Technical Training

“My life as a full time tech instructor has taken me on some incredible trips and expeditions, but I can honesty say that I have never felt more important, more thrilled and more fulfilled than when I dived Bikini Atoll with Pete. He has turned customer care, service and quality into an art form. When it comes to technical expeditions, Pete is simply unrivalled.”



Lynn Partridge


“We thoroughly enjoyed our Lust for Rust, Truk Lagoon 2011 adventure. We were very impressed with Pete’s organizational abilities, attention to detail and commitment to diver safety. An added bonus was the great group of fellow divers Pete attracted. It may have been our first Lust for Rust experience but certainly won’t be our last. We hear the wrecks of Bikini Atoll calling our names.”



Professor Simon J. Mitchell


“I cannot imagine there is a better way to do these complex trips. Pete makes it so easy to get the most out of diving the wrecks of Truk and Bikini. He has established relationships and procedures in these isolated places that spare the uninitiated a thousand potential mistakes. The most “can do” guy on the planet. Job done!”




Andrew Ainslie

“A friend of mine from South Africa asked me if I wanted to visit Truk with him and some other buddies. I’m more of a cave diver than a wreck diver, but I thought that since Pete had organized a rebreather only group, that this would be my best ever opportunity to see the wrecks with decent bottom times. Pete did not let us down. Everyone on the trip was experienced, allowing us to do long, trouble-free run-times. We got to explore whatever wrecks we wanted, and Pete’s energy in guiding us to the best wrecks was unbelievable. Somehow he also convinced Simon Mitchell, one of the world’s foremost decompression experts, to join us and this provided some real peace of mind, knowing that we had top-notch medical help on hand. Overall, I cannot imagine a better organized, better run trip. Pete arranged copious supplies of ‘sorb, tanks, helium and oxygen, making traveling easier and ensuring great dives. Blue Lagoon Resort really came through as well, with friendly, knowledgeable guides on all the boats. If you’re considering doing Truk, Pete’s operation will give you the trip of a lifetime!”


Jean Tresfon

“Following a successful expedition in 2008, Pete Mesley already had most of the supplies in place for another trip in 2009. Pete’s trips cater almost exclusively for rebreather divers and their special requirements in terms of gases, cylinders and scrubber materials. Now while I am not an ardent rebreather fanatic who will advocate their use over any other system for any occasion, I do believe in using the right tool for the job. And there is no doubt that these machines are the perfect tool for exploring the wrecks of Truk Lagoon. The deeper and lesser dived wrecks can be explored at leisure without the same time constraints as open circuit. And of course the rebreathers offer almost unlimited bottom time on the shallower wrecks.

So 2009 saw the meeting in Guam of three separate teams from around the world. The British team headed by Leigh Bishop, the Kiwi team led by Pete and including Simon Mitchell, and the South African team (including one living in LA and one in Perth).

Arriving in Truk we were met at the airport and delivered straight to the Blue Lagoon Resort. After check in it was straight to the dive shop for kitting up in preparation for the following day. Pete’s organization was magnificent and all gases and gear were ready as promised. The following day’s diving was a real eye-opener to the size and scale of these wrecks. The rough plan was max five people per boat and one boat per wreck to maximise enjoyment and minimise silting etc. We had a total of 23 planned dives each and unless one wished to repeat a certain dive, these could all be on different wrecks, which would still leave about 40 still to do! (Next trip is a must!) The morning dive would generally be a deeper one (max 62m) and then this was followed by an afternoon dive on a shallower (35m) wreck.”


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