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Truk Lagoon: Dive Trips

Dive the wreck diving Mecca of the World


Medically Fit to Dive

This goes without saying. Please ensure that if you have recently been sick or not diving due to some medical condition that you get the all clear from a diving doctor. Its for your own safety!

Dive Skills Needed for Truk

Truk can cater for recreational and technical divers alike. With wrecks in all depths from 10-70m you really cant go wrong with diving in Truk.

What we do adhere to, is keeping within your training certification and experience limits. We understand that a lot of people have hundreds of hours experience technical diving with little or no certifications under their belt. We are not saying that these people have “less skills” than someone with a piece of plastic but from a liability point of view we have to adhere to these rules. I am sure you understand.

If you are a rebreather diver you will need the same qualification on the unit you will be diving in Truk to enable you to conduct the diving activity ( for example, if you are open circuit trimix trained but basic rebreather certified if you are on your breather then you will be limited to NDL diving on the breather. BUT if you were open circuit diving then all will be good.

Being “Dive Fit”

What normally happens is people don’t do that much diving and then suddenly come away and spend the next 12 days diving their little hearts out! This could be really hard on the body and end up in a heap on the floor! So it is our recommendation to prepare before the trip and get dive fit before you come. That way you will enjoy your diving that much more.

Do Some Research!

By far the best reference book to get is Dan Bailey’s book WWII Wrecks of Truk Lagoon. Dan has been really supportive of our trips and site and has been great allowing us to use schematics and exserts out of his book for every ones reference.

By doing a little research before you come to truk will make a huge difference. Spending 12 days diving 20-30 different wrecks, they will soon mould together into one and before long you will only remember diving the “Morning Maru” and “Afternoon Maru’s” Trust me on this one!


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