Aquatic Adventure Trips

What sets us aside from all those other dive operators? - Well, for a starter we are not a travel agent, so we don't just take your money, make a few emails and then send you on your merry way! We personally go on all our trips ensuring that you get the very most out of your experience.

We take extra care and its that attention to detail to those little things that make the difference between a good trip and an awesome experience!!! Apart from having full tech support from rebreathers to open circuit. Recreational to Technical diver.  We specificially focus on the Serious Diving Enthusiast who is an experienced diver who wants more out of their diving. You wont be 'led by the nose' and told what sort of profiles to do. If you want to do a 2 hour dive, then we plan for it!!

Adventure Trips


New Zealand

Come an experience some of the most undiscovered, untouched subtropical diving on the Planet -  ...Find out More



Fiordland has to some of the most special diving you can get. Unique sights like massive black coral trees in only 12m of water! -  ...Find out More